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(Update:Feb. 7, 2013)
Event Name ICSIPA 2013: IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications
Event Date Oct. 8, 2013 - Oct. 10, 2013
Country Malaysia
Organizer IEEE Signal Processing Society (Malaysia Section)
IEEE ICSIPA 2013 provides a forum for local and international researchers and engineers from academia and industry to present and discuss the latest technological advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental and applied signal, image and video processing.  

Papers are solicited on, but not limited to:

Image Acquisition and Display: imaging sensors; acquisition systems; sampling, scanning; quantization; color reproduction; image rendering; display and printing systems; image quality.

Image and Video Processing and Analysis: image filtering; enhancement and restoration; image and video segmentation; image registration; stereoscopic and 3-D processing; video and image sequence processing; morphological processing; low-level feature extraction – color, texture and shape; high-level semantics; pattern recognition and classification; motion analysis and object tracking; object, event and scene recognition.

Storage and Retrieval: image, audio and video databases; multidimensional indexing; content-based retrieval; semantics retrieval; automatic image and video annotation.

Coding and Transmission: image and video coding; audio and speech coding; stereoscopic and 3-D coding; compression standards; image and video transmission over wireless networks.

Applied Signal Processing: signal processing for life sciences data; forensic signal analysis; radar and array processing; seismic signal processing; speech and music processing; smart grid applications; baseband communications; coding theory; digital communications; information theory; software radio; wireless communications; mobile signal processing.

Emerging Technologies in DSP: chaos theory and fractals; higher-order statistical techniques; multi-resolution and wavelet analysis; nonlinear signal processing; social and cloud signal processing; green signal processing; digital RF signal processing; terahertz signal processing.

Venue: Melaka, Malaysia
Deadlines Submission (full paper)  by  Apr. 1, 2013
Registration  by  Aug. 22, 2013
Final paper  by  Aug. 23, 2013
Subject Area Agriculture & Food
Applied Science & Technologies
Biology & Nature
Computers & Communication
Earth Science
Energy and Natural Resources
Health & Medicine
Math, Physics & Chemistry
Social Science & Humanities


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