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(Update:Aug. 28, 2012)
Event Name IWS2013: IEEE International Wireless Symposium
Event Date Apr. 13, 2013 - Apr. 18, 2012
Country China
Organizer IWS (The IEEE International Wireless Symposium)
The IWS is a new conference sponsored by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Scoiety. Its focus is "everything that is wireless" including phones, Bluetooth, Zigbee, data, and a myriad of hardware, as well as regulatory and provider issues within the wireless community.  It  is intended to provide bilateral technical and commercial access for the Chinese microwave and wireless community, which is rapidly growing, but presently without sufficient interaction with the global community.
Topics are followings:

 Solid State Device, Characterization, and Modeling
 Active and Passive Components
 Wireless 3D IC
 Signal Generation, Power Amplification, Linearization, and Processing Techniques
 Filter, Transmission Line, MEMS, and Packaging Techniques
 Advanced Satellite Communication Receiver and Transmitter Techniques
 Front-End Devices/Integrated Circuits and Low-Noise Techniques
 Advanced Wireless Transceiver Techniques
 Emerging THz Circuit Techniques and Applications
 Innovative Materials/Metamaterials for Wireless Circuits and Miniaturized Antennas
 Cognitive, Software-Defined, and Multiband Reconfigurable Radios
 Power Line Communication
 High-speed and Broadband Wireless Backhaul Systems
 Wireless Techniques for Automotive Applications and Intelligent Transportation Systems
 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Radio-Over-Fiber Technologies.
 Advanced Wireless Architecture/System Level Design, Modeling, and Simulation
 Advanced Modulation, Channel Coding, and Signal Processing for SISO, SIMO, MISO, and MIMO
 Wireless Techniques/Systems for Healthcare including Biomedical and Body Area Devices/Networks
 Wireless Energy Transmission and Harvesting
 Wireless Sensing, Positioning, Monitoring, and Imaging Devices and Systems
 Wireless Technology Regulations and Standards
 Public and Government Policy on Wireless Systems
 Wireless Safety Issues
 Green Technologies in Wireless Research and Development
 Other Technical Areas of Interest to Wireless Technology

 Paper Submission Deadline 22 September 2012
 Manuscript Submission Deadline 2 December 2012
 Proposal Submission Deadline for workshop and short course topic 22 September 2012

Venue: Beijing,China
Deadlines Submission (full paper)  by  Sep. 22, 2012
Subject Area Agriculture & Food
Applied Science & Technologies
Biology & Nature
Computers & Communication
Earth Science
Energy and Natural Resources
Health & Medicine
Math, Physics & Chemistry
Social Science & Humanities


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